Software Creator/Music Producer Gets Attention with New Software that Creates Beautiful Artificial Intelligence Based Imagery

Create Any Type of Image in Any Style by Typing in a Description and Clicking a Button!

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If you're a marketer, blogger, video maker, physical product creator, book writer or P.O.D. marketer -

you need images, and lots of them - and good, high quality images.

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And you can't just steal them from anywhere on the web - some of us have learned that the hard way.

But images are SO IMPORTANT in marketing and always have been.


Since you're a marketer - otherwise you probably wouldn't be on this page - let me ask you:

Have you run into these problems?

  • Can't always find just the right image and when you do it belongs to someone else
  • Worries about copyright issues - have you ever gotten stung by that scam? I have...
  • Professional artwork made by graphic designers is expensive, the good ones cost hundreds of dollars for anything.
  • If you're trying to maintain attention on social media, it's easy to get stuck and run out of ideas.
  • If you're a niche blog warrior, you know what I mean about the image game. You need original images or stock royalty-free images on your blog or you can get hurt.
  • SEO ranking on Google is hard - getting images ranked on Google can be a great thing for your business but it's difficult.
  • If you sell physical merchandise or Print On Demand - it's hard to keep up with new product ideas for the marketplace (for t-shirts, mugs, etc.)
  • Even if you've gotten ahold of a great image, you need it formatted and input text data. Doing it by hand is tiresome and time consuming

What if I told you I have an inexpensive, easy and fun solution to all of the above problems?

Ladies and Gentlemen... Introducing:

ImageWORKz Software by Web Dimensions, Inc.

ImageWorkz Software by Web Dimensions, Inc.

(wait times have been shortened for the sake of the video)

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Hi there, it's Hugh here from Web Dimensions and I'm back with another amazing software that's getting rave reviews from everyone who sees it.

It's called ImageWORKz and this may be the most fun and amazing software I've ever released.

Especially since I'm holding an extra amazing launch pricing special just for this launch.

ImageWorkz is a brand new software from Hugh and Web Dimensions, Inc.
(the award winning developer of Viral Image Curator Pro, ICC Express and ICC Keyworkz)

This fun and easy to use software lets you create any images you want, in any style, save them with the click of a button.

Just look at some of these amazing products and scenarios we've created with ImageWorkz:

Products made with ImageWorkz
images by ImageWorkz
images by ImageWorkz
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With Imageworkz, you will:

  • Never be stuck for a great image for whatever content you're creating
  • Never worry about copyright issues - every new image you create is an original that you OWN - even sell as an NFT
  • Never have to hire a professional graphic designer - unless you want to.
  • Get ALL the ATTENTION YOU WANT OR NEED on Social Media! (the eye candy factor is out of this world)
  • Always have the best original images for your WordPress blog or your Tumblr or wherever you blog
  • Get SEO rankings for your images using our "Easy EXIF" tools
  • Never run out of ideas for physical or Print On Demand products
  • Publish a never-ending flow of beautiful new mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, and other P.O.D. goodies!
  • "Upscale On Demand" any image you need in higher resolution to always look good in any media
  • Even generate logos for your business or to sell!
  • Hands-down increase your traffic, opt-ins, conversions, attention or whatever you're looking to do with your business!

If you pick up ImageWorkz now during this special launch period, you will also receive the following BONUSES:

1. The AI Marketing Playbook - Full Video Training (a $197 Value)

AI Marketing Playbook

2. Hugh's Private Training Webinar on Launching AI Art Products (a $97 Value)

Hugh's AI Art Merchandising Training Bonus

3. Empower Yourself - Ebook & Video Training - a $97 value

Empower Yourself

How do I get ImageWorkz?

in this amazing launch special I am giving you a few options, whichever works for you.

100% Guaranteed

And I want to make this clear that I have a 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you are not happy with your purchase - simply let me know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll provide a full refund no questions asked.

Please Choose the Package that's Right for You:

USE COUPON CODE IMAGEZ2022 for 30% OFF - cuts 30% off the prices you see below at the checkout.

Barebones Version
  • Everything you need
  • 400 Images included
  • Use your own API keys or buy cheap credits
  • all version 1.0 updates

ImageWorkz Barebones Version

Ambassador One-Pay
  • Everything you'll ever need
  • No configuration or setup required
  • Virtually unlimited credits*
  • All Version Upgrades

ImageWorkz Ambassador version

Ambassador Yearly
  • everything you ever need
  • no configuration or setup required
  • Virtually unlimited credits*
  • All version upgrades

ImageWorkz Yearly SaaS version

the Starter Package

If you'd like to skip the configuration hassles while getting your feet wet with ImageWorkz while not having to worry about running out of images - for an economical value I recommend the all-inclusive Starter Package for you. It comes with:

  • everything you need to get started
  • get your feet wet without worrying about any configuration, credits or setup
  • hit the ground running creating, saving, posting and storing beautiful AI imagery right out of the gate
  • version 1.0 updates for the lifespan of the software
  • enough credits pre-loaded to create, save, download and store 4,000 stunning AI images.
  • pay as you go for more API/storage credits OR
  • use your own API keys and never pay me again 🙂

This package comes pre-loaded with 4,000 images. Many users will never get close to creating that many images in a year - to do so, you could create at least ten images per day, every single day of the year - including holidays, days off, or 15 images every day monday-friday every week of the year.

That's a lot of images in the starter pack - and we'll provide storage for those images you create. Or you can integrate your own storage with S3.

If you do reach 4,000 images and want more, it will be so easy for you to get another 4,000 images from me at a silly low price of $10. You have that option available OR or you can ditch MY credits (lol) --  just learn how to create your own API accounts(I'll teach you) and plug in your own API keys and never pay me another penny (the cheaper way).

Basically I am here to educate you to use this in any way you want to use it.

the Starter Package

ImageWorkz Starter Pack

"Barebones" Version

The "barebones" copy of my software is everything needed for some people -- because it's easily integrated with your own API accounts -- and you never have to pay me a penny for credits or images if you don't want to! Here's what it comes with:

  • everything you need to get started
  • get your feet wet without worrying about any configuration, credits or setup
  • hit the ground running creating, saving, posting and storing beautiful AI imagery right out of the gate
  • version 1.0 updates for the lifespan of the software
  • enough credits pre-loaded to create, save, download and store 400 stunning AI images without configuration
  • pay as you go for API/storage credits OR use your own API keys

As a courtesy, the Barebones version comes with preloaded credits for up to 400 images before any configuration is required.

After that, you will need to do a small bit of setup and configuration and I provide all the detailed training so you can get up and running with your own accounts for super cheap.

This might not be for you if you're not a techie, but for a lot of people it's just the ticket -- for the price, the BareBones version is like picking up a GREAT tool that does just what you want it to do without a recurring subscription - you get your own accounts with the AI providers and plug 'em in on your own time.

You see, I'm not just trying to leverage these systems to get money out of you - I'm happy to show you how you can get a handle on these systems yourself - if you want to. Armed with that knowledge, you could just get the barebones and do everything the top of the line user does with no limitations whatsoever.

The "Barebones" Version

ImageWorkz Barebones Version

the "Ambassador" Top-of-the-line plan

If you're the kind of content creator, marketer or entrepreneur who recognizes a valuable software asset and wants to pay once and for all and be done with it, our Ambassador Top-of-the-Line plan is for you.

You have the option of paying yearly for the Ambassador plan, or a one time payment for the plan license in perpetuity. With the Ambassador plan, you receive:

  • everything you need to get started
  • never worry about any configuration, credits or setup
  • hit the ground running creating, saving, posting and storing beautiful AI imagery right out of the gate
  • Virtually unlimited credits*
  • ALL VERSION upgrades in perpetuity
  • Create, save, download and store virtually unlimited Stunning AI Images

*Ambassador plan owners receive half a million images served to you (approximately 500,000) for the one-pay and 100,000/yr for the yearly plan -- That's enough credits to create 250+ images per day - seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, for five years - virtually unlimited credits.

For the Ambassador, we'll also provide storage of your images for the perpetuity of the software subscription.

The Yearly SaaS plan and the Ambassador plan both come with both version 1.0 updates but ALSO upgrades in perpetuity (version 2.0, 3.0, etc...)

the Ambassador Plan - One-Pay / Yearly Subscription

ImageWorkz Ambassador version ImageWorkz Yearly SaaS version

Remember, if you don't take advantage of this special launch deal I'm offering now, you may miss out as the platform evolves and we introduce more features, benefits and more mature versions of the software and raise the price accordingly.

Take the advantage now and get in on the ground floor of this amazing new world of graphics possibilities with your host, Hugh from Web Dimensions, Inc.

I promise you won't be sorry - in fact, you are going to be completely jazzed with what you find inside the software console!

Thanks for participating and I will see you on the inside!


Hugh from Web Dimensions, Inc.

CEO/Chief Software Architect, Web Dimensions, Inc.

Web Dimensions, Inc.